need location of airbag module. on 1996 Volkswagen Jetta

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replacing airbags,but dont know where module is located.found used parts to replace.
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the airbag module is located on the center tunnel,
forward of the console, near the ventilation ducting
and bulkhead.
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J234 Airbag Control Module
* On center tunnel, forward of console, near ventilation ducting and bulkhead
* Press locking tab -5-, swing connector lock -4- to position shown (arrow), and disconnect harness connector -6- from airbag control module -1-.
* Remove nuts -3- and remove control module -1- with bracket from mounting studs.
* Tightening torque (nuts -3-): 20 Nm (15 ft lb)
* Remove nuts -7. and remove control module -1- from bracket.
* Tightening torque (nuts -7-): 9 Nm (80 in lb)
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email me and i can send you a picture...not sure how to post a picture here.