need local shop that honors warranty i have from dealer i purchased used from ct on 2008 Saab 9-3

p300 codes....302,303,305,306..multiple cylinder misfires..believe bad gas problem cause began a day after i filled up...vibrating and shaking upon accelerating but drives smooth when speed is maintained...idles rough but not stalling...tried seafoam to get rid of gas and gassed up with premium and added another cleaner,..changed 3 plugs...each little step made a bit better but not stopped...engine light blinks now at start up then stays on...

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some shops do warranty world thru your warranty ins co. i don't beleive the misfire codes are covered on aany warranty unless its a inj issue.worn spark plugs would be considered a wear item and would be normal maint
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maybe there is no local shop that can do warranty work on your saab
do privately owned import repair shops honor warranty repairs...problem is recommended fix it an issue due to 3 cylinder packs being on top along with 3 spark plugs and other packs and plugs look like would be major disassemble to get to...also dont know where the vacuum hose is that goes to intake manifold since the saab v6 is not traditional set up under the hood as other way of knowing if vacuum hose is bad without being able to find it...unable to locate repair manual anywhere on computer search for this vehicle to purchase..seems like anything newer than 2007 saab 9-3 is a 2008 saab 9-5?