2005 Volkswagen Jetta Q&A

2005 Volkswagen Jetta Question: Need instructions how to replace ignition wires and coils?

I have already replaced the spark plugs, and it's still sputtering, mechanic said it is the wires and coils that have to be replaced now. -
Answer 1
You should have pulled the coils out to be able to get to the spark plugs. That's how to change the coils, no wires except the connector on the coil. -
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Is it a difficult job to get to the ignition wires, and do I need any special tools? -
Comment 2
There is no ign wires; The coils are in the middle of the top of the engine under the cover. Unplug the wire connectors, kinda tricky to release them, then slip them off. Now you can lift the coils, with a twisting action, straight up, then push the new ones back into place, slip the connector back on and you're done. Go to the parts store and ask to see what the coil looks like, this may help you understand what your looking for. -