1996 GMC Savana 1500 Q&A

1996 GMC Savana 1500 Question: need help with my brake peddle

replaced all new brake lines and master but still have no peddle, what else can i do HELP -
Answer 1
Bleed the brakes! Then bleed them again! Then repeat as needed. Just dont let the mast. cyl. run out of flud. Start at the mast. cyl. lines then the RR-LR-RF-LF. It is going to take a while! -
Comment 1
thank you but i did that about 6 times also took it to my friends shop and bleed them there but still no brakes whaat else can you think of -
Comment 2
If the brakes worked before the work you did, then you either have a defective mast. cyl. Or there is air still in the system that is all it can be!!! Are you bleeding from each bleeder screw and not trying to bleed from the line connection due to stuck bleeder screw? All you did was replace the parts you said right? Pads, calipers, shoes & wheel cyls. are all good right? Now clamp off the rubber flex lines, pedal better now? Bet so. Then BLEED THE BRAKES! May take 1/2 gal. or more of fluid. -