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1996 Toyota Camry Question: Need help w/ stalling car around corners or stop & starts

1996 Camry stalling. After driving my vehicle for about 20 minutes in highway traffic, the vehicle has difficulty idling when I slow down behind another car or turn a corner. This quickly deteriorates and then the car actually stalls when I slow right down or turn a corner. Then usually the car starts again right away, but when I slow down again, stalls. Then when I start it up again,usually in traffic. If I allow it to sit engine off for 3 ? 5 minutes, it starts again, the shift can slide intUntil the next time, which is usually the following day. _______ We've cleaned out EGR valve, cleaned throttle body. Replaced fuel filter, fuel hose, pvc valve. -
Answer 1
scan for codes and pos sowe can adv -
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We tried to pull codes but this year/model will not give up the codes unless check engine light is on - which it is not. I do not understand " pos sowe can adv"? Thanks. =^..^= -
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sorry post so we can adv. the car should give codes from memory,try another scanner or diff shop. you have to have codes if the light was on -
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The light wasn't on. -
Answer 2
It sounds like either the ignition coil, or igniter are failing after it warms up, but have the fuel pressure checked also to verify proper fuel system operation and pressure. When you cleaned the throttle body, did you wipe out the bore, or disassemble and clean the TB and intake air control valve? A dirty, or defective IAC valve will cause rough idling, and also stumbling upon deceleration. -