need help URGENT !!! on 1998 Hyundai Sonata

I'm getting a deal on a used 1998 Sonata GL with 114K miles on it. The body and the interiors are in better than "good" condition. However, the seller said that it would need new brake (pads) and an engine tune up. The 'check engine' light is on and the power windows need some work as well. My questions
1. what should be the price tag on this?
2. what amount of money needs to be put in to get everything fixed?

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Mikku you are assuming that the seller is correct in his diagnosis.1. Why does it need brakes? have you driven it, do you hear noise comming from the brakes? 2. Why does it need a engine tuneup? Is it running bad? 3. The Check Eng Light is a whole other issue. What do you consider a deal. It is immpossible to give you give a price on these repairs without a professional looking at it. Anybody tells you otherwise they are blowing smoke up, well you know what I mean.
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Great advice from autoknowhow. Whenever someone purchases a vehicle, unless they are an experienced mechanic, they should take the vehicle in for an inspection, preferably at a dealership (because they know what the common problems are with these vehicles). It will be the best $50 - $150 worth of insurance you ever spend!