Need help tracking down source of squeaking front tire (driver's side)? on 2006 BMW 330xi

Lately, hearing a squeak in front driver's side tire every time the vehicle is moving. Every time the wheel gets to a certain rotation tire it seems to make a noise and it's starting to increase in notability. Have removed the tire but did not see any possible leaks. Also, tried shaking tire to see if it was the tire rod, but it seemed to be solid. It does not seem to be the brakes since the noise does not occur/intensifies when braking. I think it might be the hub bearings but still would like to hear from others.

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Try rotating that tire to the rear of the car as a test, that would eliminate the tire and rim as being the source of the tire. i would suspect it is a brake issue, remove the pads, scuff up the surface of the pads, scuff the brake rotor with a non directional rotation to break any glaze on the rotor. Are the brake pads good quality? Any "witness marks" of any thing running. Jack up and support the car spin the wheel do you hear the noise or feel play in the wheel bearing?