Need help prioritizing repair work needed on my Nissan 2006 Murano. on 2006 Nissan Murano

Below is a list of recommended repair work that the dealership said I should get done in the near future. Which services should I address immediately?
- Fuel System Service - Carbon removal
- Radiator hoses and cap 1.8 mileage, age, p/m
- Brake Flush P/M Mileage
- Replace right steering stop and cap - missing .4
- Front trans air dam and bolts/nuts - missing .5
- Front engine under cover with j/nuts, bolts and clips - .3 missing
- Left Fuel Tank protector, clips and nut - .3 missing

Thank you.

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The missing fasteners for the various shields should be replaced otherwise they may come off, some are pricey. The brake fluid should be replaced every 3-5 years per most manufactures now days
Original coolant hoses should be good for 10years in most cases, we replace them when we change the radiator
Fuel system service is preventive maintenance, adding good quality fuel system cleaner available from parts stores works fine if used say every other tank fuel.

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