Need help please on 2007 Ford Mustang

I have a 07 mustang v6 the scanner gives me these codes p0175,and p2195. Both have to do with the o2 sensors which I have replaced all. I also replaced the MAF sensor too any ideas on what it could be. Any advice would be helpful thank you.

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These are codes that indicate that your engine is running too rich. P0175 indicates bank 2, P2195 indicates bank 1.

A MAF would not cause this.
Oxygen sensor failure would not cause this.

The best thing to have done would be to have had a proper engine performance diagnosis done, rather than drop all that money for sensors you did not need!

You could have a fuel pressure regulator issue, a PCV system issue, a vacuum leak, an EGR system issue, a base engine issue, exhaust manifold leak issue, a fuel injector (or injectors) stuck open dumping fuel....

You'll have some testing to do before doing any more repairs. Good luck!
^^^^ what this guy said exactly. Good answer