1994 Honda Accord Q&A

1994 Honda Accord Question: Need Help! engine stalls when put in gear

engine starts and idel fine but stalls when put in reverse or drive -
Answer 1
auto or stk? -
Comment 1
Wow really globlal drive on a stk, come on man. Had to do it but i know what ya mean. Does this one have the converter solenoid like others if autob.trans? -
Comment 2
whats an autob trans wetry.lol -
Comment 3
Never said i could spell or type esp. on one of these tablets. About the vise grips like you said the other day here in Va,its all about styie.just saying. Have a good one. When you get a chance research Franklin county. Va. You'll see what i mean. -
Comment 4
ok will do. been to newport news is it like that? -
Comment 5
Lord no,it's redneck country,thus the visegrip STYLE is spot on.Check it out on Wikipedia you'll see. About 25mi. SW of Roanoke Va. I am sure things are a lot different in Ca. Never been there maybe someday. Later man, happy fixen. -
Comment 6
DAGNABBIT FELLAS!! what did I miss (besides the bus). Hopefully -ewmurray-- checked his other post for suggestions Hey wetry...You weren't doin a stand-up routine in VA. Beach the other day were you? -