Need Help! engine stalls when put in gear on 1994 Honda Accord

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engine starts and idel fine but stalls when put in reverse or drive
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auto or stk?
Wow really globlal drive on a stk, come on man. Had to do it but i know what ya mean. Does this one
have the converter solenoid like others if autob.trans?
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whats an autob trans
Never said i could spell or type esp. on one of these tablets. About the vise grips
like you said the other day here in Va,its all about styie.just saying.
Have a good one. When you get a chance research Franklin county. Va.
You'll see what i mean.
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ok will do. been to newport news is it like that?
Lord no,it's redneck country,thus the visegrip STYLE is spot on.Check
it out on Wikipedia you'll see. About 25mi. SW of Roanoke Va. I am sure
things are a lot different in Ca. Never been there maybe someday.
Later man, happy fixen.
DAGNABBIT FELLAS!! what did I miss (besides the bus). Hopefully -ewmurray-- checked his other post for suggestions Hey wetry...You weren't doin a stand-up routine in VA. Beach the other day were you?
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