need for replacing mounts when rear struts are placed and need for wheels alignment on 2001 Lexus ES300

My car has 80000 miles.
One of my rear struts is leaking/
Is it always necessary to replace also a mount?
I was told several years ago by a mechanic that my car model does not require a wheels alignment if rear struts are replaced.
Would you agree with this opinion?

Asked by for the 2001 Lexus ES300
No, the mount does NOT have to be replaced every time you replace the struts. That being said, if there is any indication of wear on the mount, I do suggest you replace it. Why? Because the labor to replace the mount is extensive. When the struts are removed the mount is also removed. There is no additional labor involved to put on new ones you will only incure part cost.
No, you do not have to do the alignment with the suspension service, unless a problem is detected.
Mechanically yours,
Thank you for the information.