Need Dx help - growling noise incr as I turn, both PS hose & pump repl already?? on 1993 Honda Accord

Shop already replaced Return and High-Pressure Hoses and the Pump itself....what else could it be?

There is no knocking or thud sound when I turn, so I don't think it is the Rack-n-Pinion, or could it be?

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Hopefully you used Honda approved power steering fluid. Try putting the steering system into a vacumm to remove the air. This is something that I don't believe you will be able to do.
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could be air bound or low fluid. i would bleed the system first before goin any further

Thanks Roy - if air bound, what could be cause? Also, I'm familiar with bleeding brakes, but not a P/S system?
turning the wheel to the extreme on both sides and holding there about 5 seconds will bleed the pump. if all is ok, then i would be looking at binding steering parts overloading the pump.

It is very common to have this noise on Honda's.
First, I would check if there if there are any bubbles/ air in the reservoir. Is the fluid clean? Honda's do take special Honda fluid.
Check the hoses, especially the ones going into and out of the reservoir. If they are wet, at all, they are seeping and need replaced. There is a filter in the reservoir, it can be restricted. There is a suction seal on the pump that is also common to be bad.
The hoses and seal really don't leak, they just allow air into the system, which will make the pump groan.
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