1994 Mercedes-Benz C280 Q&A

1994 Mercedes-Benz C280 Question: NEED CODE WITHOUT HAVING TO GO TO DEALER

My boyfriend just bought a car off salvage and it needs a code for the radio so it could work. I was hoping someone could help find out what it is without having to stress going to the dealer because he didnt buy it from a dealer in the first place -
Answer 1
You could try an auto stereo installer in your area. Other than that I am afraid the dealer might be your only option. -
Answer 2
If you call any Mercedes-Benz dealership they should be able to give you the radio code. You will have to give them the VIN number for the car so that they can access it in their database. As long as the radio hasn't been replaced the code will be correct. If the radio has been replaced, the unit will have to be pulled to get the serial number. Also, if you have the owner's manual packet the radio code card may be in there. -
Answer 3
The stereo in your car if standard is a eurovox if you contact www.eurovox.com.au/ you can download security code form. then send it away.for a small fee you will recieve the code -
Answer 4
chances are you will have to make a trip to the dealer -