need car to start on 1990 Cadillac DeVille

driving down the road, my car died, it cranks but it won't start! It has gas, any suggestions?

by in Aurora, CO on April 29, 2009
4 answers
ANSWER by on April 29, 2009
Do you mean it has gas in the fuel tank or the engine is getting gas through the injectors? If the engine is getting fuel then chances are there is no spark. The first place to begin looking if there is no spark is the distributor.
ANSWER by on September 15, 2010
the motor to the fuel pump could be bad. to lengthy to explain how I found out. similar situation. good luck.
ANSWER by on November 15, 2010
I will assume you have already fixed your issue due to the date but other people may read this and find it useful. Try replacing the fuel pump relay first. On my 1999 deville all my relays seemed to fail around 215,000km. If it works it will only cost you less than $20. If it does not work at least it only cost you less than $20.
ANSWER by on February 22, 2013
hey tedeagle - did you ever figure out what was wrong? i am having the same issue with a 94 sedan deville
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