need approximate price to replace plenum gasket and cover timing chain and gears on 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Never really had any overheating after radiator replacement 4 years ago. Now i thought I had a water pump leak however the seam I saw leaking was on the plenum and since I am a novice I jumped to comclusion it was water pump and replaced it.
I am planning to try this job myself and am using a hughes engines plenum gasket/intake kit and a coynes chain and gears
I have just changed all 3 hoses the water pump and thermostat no leaks however the gasket of the lower plenum is leaking coolant now so I have to replace and while the cover is off I would like to replace with an aluminum cover and rubber gasket and replace chain and gears.
My question is approximately how much would this cost in an ASE shop? I have time to do it and there are plenty of help forums however I am starting to contemplate having it done as I read the manifold bolts are hard to remove and will break...not sure about that so if you get a chance please try to give me an idea what it might cost. Just trying to see if I could afford it....
Rick Sheltra

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approx 1500.00 plus extra parts and time for broken bolts
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