Need a new engine on 2007 Infiniti QX56

blowing a lot of smoke when I start the car, Infiniti claims that since I never had the oil changed that the whole engine needs to be replaced. The car runs great except for the smoke coming out the back when started.

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What color is the smoke, get a different opinion from a independent shop
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I'm having the same problem with my 2008 QX 56 but I have had some oil changes done but not every 6000 miles. can you tell me what Infinti has done for you.
I have a 2008 and I am having the same problem and of course because it would have been warranty work they told me that the vehicle hasn't been maintained and when I first told them about it it only had 43k miles on it and that they wouldn't honor the warranty. Its also a qx56
Have you had any luck with your repair
we still are driving and are still confused on course of action rebuild motor, replace or just turn it back lease is up in 3 months
may be a sludged motor . some times can replace the valve cover assemblise and clean out the sludge around the cams and headbolts with lots of carburetor cleaner. also will need to clean out lower oil pan and oil pickup