1992 BMW 850i Q&A

1992 BMW 850i Question: Need a L headlight housing for my 850ci. Can you help?

Cannot get the lamps to level out because the housing has a chipped off plastic leveler ibboss@ mchsi.com Thank you -
Answer 1
Call up viking auto salvage in Mn or www.vikingautosalvage.com to see if they can order you one and ship it to you they've been a great source of parts for all my cars and family memebers that I repair -
Answer 2
The actual levelers are available as separate parts. You can order them from the dealer. You do have to be VERY careful when you install them. There are several aftermarket (mostly private individuals with engineering backgrounds)replacements that offer more durability. You can find them and detailed instructions on several of the Bimmer forums. Try http://forums.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1466781 or google BMW 850i headlight rebuild. -