my yukon is getting a code that sys random multiple misfire on 1999 GMC Yukon

My yukon is getting a code that says random multiple misfire how do you fix this? I had the spark plugs changed,replaced the distributor and then replaced the fuel pump and now it is getting the random code but it was not showing the code prior to the tune up it was however driving rough and stalling

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diagnose, diagnose, diagnose instead of throwing parts at a
problem. how about a plug wire or coil?
You should replace the plug wires and spark plugs. It makes a huge difference...
I am having the same problem with my 96 gmc Yukon. Auto Shop says misfire error code. It seems to want to die sometimes when I slowly release the brake at stop signs. It rhythmically lugs forward slowly ,when you give it gas it goes, but seems to run rough. Sometimes I drive it and no problems at stop signs.... I cleaned out the throttle body... Any suggestions? Thanx in advance