My windshield wipers & reverse lights won't work. Fuse keeps blowing. on 1995 Saab 900

Wiper motor good, keeps blowing the fuse, no reverse lights, electric short somewhere, how do I find it? Thanks, Suzy

by in Alameda, CA on January 25, 2013
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ANSWER by , October 23, 2013
Mine is doing the same thing. Did some research on net about problem, seems the reverse switch in the console is the culprit. Must short out to ground somehow.
ANSWER by , January 25, 2013
bring it to a shop get it diagnose
COMMENT by , January 25, 2013
I wan't to do it myself. I am a starving student. Wiper motor is fine. I drove around with the front fog lamps on and didn't realize it. I think that is when something grounded/shorted out. I need to know how to find it. When I did bring it to shop they told me it was my wiper motor. It wasn't! I don't have $100's $ to spend. They wanted to replace the wiper motor for over $300. when that was not even the problem! Thanks, Suzy
ANSWER by , January 25, 2013
you have a dead short, seek halp on diag and repair
ANSWER by , January 25, 2013
You can find the problem if you have the circuit wiring and operating description , a volt/ohmmeter and lots of patience. First question , to clarify a little- with everything shut off , does the fuse blow as soon as it touches the contacts or do you have to turn on the key and then ??????????get my drift? Narrow down specific condition under which the fuse blows , and keep narrowing......and maybe have lots of the CORRECT amperage fuse handy!
COMMENT by , January 25, 2013
Thank you. I don't think that it blows as soon as I put it in. I think it is when I turn the key because there is no reaction when I plug in the fuse. I put a new fuse in and tried to turn on the windshield wipers and fuse blows. Yeah. I know what you mean, I'll need lot's of fuses! I know that that particular fuse is connected with the windshield wipers, reverse lights and headlight adjustment. Thanks for the advice. I'll look for the circuit wiring and operating description. Hopefully I'll nail it down before the rainy season ; )
COMMENT by , January 26, 2013
Maybe start by unplugging the wiper motor , maybe the place that said it was the wiper motor was on to something.