2007 Dodge Magnum Q&A

2007 Dodge Magnum Question: my window on my drivers side is stuck open, how can i close it?

can i manually close the window on my 2007 dodge 2.7 liter engine magnum?....all the other windows are working and all electronics appear to be in working order, only the 1 window not responding. id rather it stuck closed than open. -
Answer 1
Sometimes when the motor freezes in position you can try to jar it loose, So with the car running hold the button in the up position and hit the door in the center of the door panel with the palm of your hand or slam it hard and sometimes it will jar the motor loose. But his might only work once and you will still need to have this repaired. -
Comment 1
awww man.....thx for the try tho......didnt budge. -
Comment 2
Napa has the motors https://partimages.genpt.com/largeimages/962650.jpg The price at Napa's website is about $141 in the states www.napaonline.com But probably should check the switch to make sure power is going to the motor -