My Wind shield wiper fluid is not spraying front or back can't hear the motor. on 2006 Dodge Durango

The tank is full with fluid.

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The Washer motor is probably defective. The washer pump/motor unit features a reversible electric motor. The direction of the motor is controlled by hard wired outputs from the Front Control Module (FCM). When battery current and ground are applied to the two pump motor terminals, the motor rotates in one direction. When the polarity of these connections is reversed, the motor rotates in the opposite direction. When the pump motor is energized, the rotor-type pump pressurizes the washer fluid and forces it through one of the two pump outlet nipples, and into the front or rear washer plumbing. The washer pump/motor unit cannot be repaired. If ineffective or damaged, the entire washer pump/motor unit must be replaced.