2000 Nissan Quest Q&A

2000 Nissan Quest Question: My wife's 2000 quest starts and drives fine most of the time however she says

sometimes when she is on the highway it sputters like it wants to shut off. What are the possible reasons for this and how can I fix it? Thanks, Garry -
Answer 1
Is there any check engine light on or blinking malfunction lights while it sputters? -
Answer 2
In addition, the distributors on these engines give a BUNCH of trouble, without turning on the light or setting codes! Also very hard to diagnose, NEW replacement is the best bet!! This usually shows up after engine warms up, runs good cold and through the warm up process, then starts running poorly. This can be an intermittent problem as well but most of the time it's fairly consistent. That said, if it only does it once every couple of days then this may not be YOUR problem. Testing required!! By a mechanic. -