my whole car is down and the guy who is selling it to me told me its the relay on 2000 Mercedes-Benz S430

im trying to buy 2000 s430 but the whole car is down and the seller is telling me its the suspenion relay

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MB are mighty costly to maintain -- when you say "down" it sounds to be problem with airmatic system. car is almost 10yrs old and did i memtnion MB are mighty costly to maintain. In CA advertising new c-class lease @ $349 (their new C is a nice whip - but not an s)
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Now think about that ...its just a relay. If it was just a relay why would he not have already put it in to sell the car easier......
so what u think is wrong with it
Its at the ripe age that the compressor could have failed...and if its bad good chance a air strut or struts are bad. Without having it checked its your gamble. Ask him if its just a relay...go ahead and put it in then you might buy it.