My water pump went out we replaced it but now it wont start on 2002 Ford Explorer

Before the water pump was replaced it started afterward it turns over just dont fire up and we checked the fuel switch on the passanger side what do i do now, we also checked the fuses, please help ive only had this car a year n its been nothing but hell

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Just curious, was the water pump leaking or was it another problem with say, the belt running off at the pump? You may have a crank pulley problem as well that i have seen on this engine! Let me know. This is related to a cranks ok but will not start condition also!!! Fixed a couple of them lately. This is a very common problem with this vehicle and can occur anytime the drive belt is manipulated! I don't think there is a recall YET!
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The best thing to do right now is take a deep breath, close your eyes and forget what's been done to the car.

Now start diagnosing the cranks but won't start exactly like any other. Do you have spark? Do you have fuel pressure and injection pulse? Neither? Are there codes setting? If so what are they? etc.

Many people, techs included get all caught up in the idea that it must be something they did, and while that's possible it doesn't have to be so. At the same time if you towed it into a shop now, the technician will start diagnosing with a routine that he/she knows works and that's by checking the basics. By simply treating this as any other no-start the tech will go right at the problem whether it was caused by the water pump repair or not in an efficient manor.
Water pump had a very good leak i had 3 people tell me the same and thank you to all of you guys i will start checking what was mentioned and i hope it will be running by the end of the day uts a day later n i checked everything and replaced my crank sensor still wont start
Not sure; The water pump is fairly easy to change. Did you un hook any wires for any reason. The coil is in front, by chance did the connector get bumped or loosened. Would the Theft Light on your cluster blinking while your trying to start it. Look at the area where you were working and think outside the box, just to see if anything is loose or unplugged.
Agree, also the crank sensor is in a vulnrable position when this is being done.