my water pump keeps going out why? on 1995 Ford Ranger

I have replaced it 3 times in the last 3 years and it is out again what is causing this ONce I did it my self the other 2 times i took it to a repair shop because I thought I might have done something wrong.

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i would have the belt tensioner checked by a reputable garage. it may be working, but causing too much tension. if this is the case, it will have too much stress on the water pump shaft causing it to fail over time.
thanks is there a way to loosen the tension or should I just replace the tensioner
there is no way to loosen it, but replacing it is the next step to finding the problem
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Where did you get the water pump from?

The reason i asked is because 3 months ago i had a friend replace
his water pump in his own vehicle(97 chevy truck) and it leaked as soon
as he started it.
He stopped at my shop to check it and told him the pump was no good.

He put a second one in and it lasted 2 weeks and started leaking again.
He went to another store to buy the pump and no problems leaking.