My warrenty calls to replace timing belt at 60,000 miles, which is where i am at on 2007 Kia Rio

only thing is i called dealer for price quote, they said 547.00, can not afford even 200.00 at this time, may i ask, how important is this? i know if belt breaks, it is a new engine repair, i am scared now.

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Timing belt replacement is required if it brakes it causes a lot of damage to keep your car under warentee requirements the belt should be replaced, shop around and get the repairs documented.
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shop around for a better price. we do the basic timing belt job for around 375-400. doing it the other way is around 650-800.

Maybe a little high on the price but close. The thing is, if you don't get it done, it will turn into a lot bigger job if the belt lets go. It bends the valves and the cylinder head has to come off to repair. Not something you can afford to risk. HTH Wayne