1990 Volkswagen Jetta Q&A

1990 Volkswagen Jetta Question: my vw superbeatle has been losing power little by little and has been backfi

backfiring also the idle has dropped down to wear the engine will die out when idling.whats wrong..... -
Answer 1
Superbeatle? Jetta? Light on? Jetta I assume, if it is a 1.8L. If CEL is on get it scanned. -
Answer 2
seek diag and est -
Answer 3
What is your diagnostic skill level? Could be ignition or valve timing , or something as simple as faulty plug wires.Distributor cap/rotor , Etc. , Best bet is to find a shop with older techs that are familiar with VWs of that ERA.----It's only 3 years away from being considered an antique. -
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Me too. -
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Don't go there!!!... -
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Got to, you ain't but about 6 years behind me! Oh, i guess we are even now. So keep your ol rubber check. We might as well use this space up with our own bs. Guess we answered the question. -