my vue has a clunking or rattle at 50 or faster on 2005 Saturn Vue

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when driving my vue i have a rattle or clunking noise at 55 mph or faster, when i hit the brakes it does not go away i do not feel it in the gas or brake pedal, the noise is not their when making a turn in either direction until i turn the wheel to go straight. I've had the car to several garages and been told several things. but i have came to a possible conclusion that it could possible be part of the steering, because when the car is parked and turn the steering wheel back and forth i hear the same noise. can anyone point me in the right direction. i am mechanically inclined, i dont want to pay a garage $600 for a part that will cost under 200. THANKS
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1-Take it to an alignment shop, they can put it on an alignment rack with turning pads for the front wheels, hoist it to look, feel and listen to see excatly what the problem is. Only way to go! 2- Or any shop with a drive on lift, this will raise the vehicle while all four tires are still on the rack, then can turn steering wheel to locate noise. Just like sitting on the ground! Can't be done on a conventional lift!!