1998 Lexus GS300 Q&A

1998 Lexus GS300 Question: my vsc light is on

my vsc light is on and how do i fix it -
Answer 1
my vsc light is on what is that -
Comment 1
1) remove your gas cap. 2) put it back and make sure you hear 4+ clicks when tighten gas cap. 3) it should automatically correct itself if your gas cap is air tight; if problem occurs again. you might need a new gas cap. -
Comment 2
vsc stands for vehicle stability control. and the light thats on is indicating to you that the vsc is turned off, so you need to turn it on which i recomend doing for everyday driving and the button is located in the centre consol very near the heated seat buttons. -
Comment 3
i try to turn it on but it is not turning off the vsc light is still on -
Answer 2
on my lexus GS300 2004 check light is on and also that vsc light -
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This ck enging and vsc light comes on then goes off and after a few days it comes on again.cant figure it out
The Check Engine Light may illuminate due to an O2 sensor heater fault. Most commonly the affected O2 sensor will need to be replaced to correct this concern.
In I got my tie rod fix in my right ball joint fix in a cuple days later my abs light in vsc in vscoff light came on
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