My Venture's not taking fuel at the pump. on 2000 Chevrolet Venture

Every time I go to put fuel in my old girl, she takes about 2 litres before the pump nozzle starts clicking and whatnot. Fuel generally starts spitting out at around the $3.00 mark. She's pretty much empty, so either I have a blockage in my input line, or a hell of a lot of pressure in the tank. I've tried to release some pressure by removing the #32 fuel pump release fuse while running the engine, to no avail. I'd like to fix it myself, if possible; but this would be my first time at getting into the fuel tank side of things, so any advice would be much appreciated. Cheers,

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vent valve stuck closed. let a shop check it for you to confirm.

Thanks Roy, there's no easy way at it then?
not that is either by the fuel tank on the passenger side or on the top of the tank. i suggest letting a shop verify the failure and give you a bid.

Right on, will do. Thanks again, and all the best.