My van shudders really bad right before it shifts into the next gear (30 mph) on 2005 Honda Odyssey

When pulling out from a stop slowly, the van shudders right before shifting out of gear (right before 30 mph). If I keep my acceleration just right "hover" it will continue and get worse. If I accelerate more it will stop. I have noticed it when i'm going around 40-45 and car is ready to shift again. It seems to be happening more often. I don't know if this would be engine mounts? Seems to me it would fall under transmission? Any thoughts? I'm right around 115,000 miles and really want to keep the van going as long as I can. I'd rather put "new" money into my motorcycles...and not "moms taxi". ;)

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software updates for trans 'judder' issue they had. Motor mounts are not uncommon on them but would be more of just a thump on take-off.
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sounds like tranny problems