2003 Chrysler Town & Country Q&A

2003 Chrysler Town & Country Question: My van is using to much gas. I'm getting around 13 mpg. What could be wrong?

I get about half the miles I am use to getting. There is no check engine light. The air filter is clean. What things can I check. My budget is low so I can't go and "try this, oh that didn't work, lets try doing this now." Anybody had anythings like this going on with theres? Thanks for taking a look at my post and advice will be helpful. -
Answer 1
How is it running,ok or not to good? Is there a leak? Is someone stealing your gas? Are you sure your math is right? That's to much diff. in fuel mileage for the check eng. light NOT to be on! -
Answer 2
Give us a maint hist(including , parts (type & brand), who diagnosed and replaced any (you, friend , or shop), and when (miles ago and date) don't use the phrase 'recently' cause to some people that could be a year ago if they haven't driven the car since. THANKS. -
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I had oil change 3,200 miles ago. I've had the van two years. The only thing I have done is brakes, oil changes and a water pump on 2/14/2012, the old one was leaking, all done by a mechanic at a shop. The gas problem started 3 weeks ago. I can watch the gas hand go down from a quarter tank to 1/8th of a tank in no time, so I know it isn't been stolen. I was told a tune-up might help a little by one mechanic but he said I would still have trouble, possibly. I am planning to do a tune-up anyway because it needs one. I just didn't know if it could be anything else. The price here on a tune-up is over $300.00. That's a lot of money to me and it not fix it. It runs fine, no spuddering or lose of power and no check engine light. Hope that explains it a little better. Thanks -
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Befor you do anything else,,,fill up the tank and check mileage.Don't go by the guage.Miles÷by gal. From a FULL tank. -
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I agree. make sure the guage sending unit is not at fault .---Do some math as stated in prior reply. -