My van engine light iluminates and skipps. I had the spark plugs,plug wires, on 2001 GMC Savana 1500

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distributor cap,rotor button, fuel filter and spider injector changed and it still skips. Had a computer hooked up to it and the first time it showed # 1 injector and that led me to change the spider injector,which did not do any good. Hooked it up to a computer again and said # 5 injector problem. After all this being done, the engine still skips. I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE ANY ASSISTANCE YOU CAN GIVE ME. THANKS!
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Ah...that means that your vehicle could be due or overdue for a Tune-Up. The Check Engine light doesn't lie in this case, and you should take it to a GM Dealership as soon as possible and have them run a Full Diagnostic Check Engine Light test to see what code(s) they come up with. More than likely it needs to have a tune-up on it. That is what happened to me a few days ago and now my car works a whole lot better, until the C E Light came on again, and then I found out that the catalytic converter needed to be replaced in a big way. All told, I spent $1,700 in 3 days time, but that was worth it of both the converter replaced and the tune-up.