My turn turns off while driving, and then it makes clicking noises on 1995 Honda Passport

So I have had this problem for a long time now. My car turns on normally sometimes, sometimes when i try to turn it on, the engine begins to shake very badly. Not only that, while driving my car will suddenly turn off, all the lights will turn on (oil, brakes,fuel, battery, airbags), and then sometimes it will turn back on by itself, sometimes i have to restart it by putting it on park and turning the key to turn it on.
Now, not only does it turn off, but when i turn it on it makes a clicking noise from the engine. and when i press the accelerator gas pedal it clicks even faster. It gets very annoying and sometimes embarrassing. any one help please! I will greatly appreciate it! Thanks.

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i've had a similar problem, mechanic says it's my engine control module
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get a new car dumbass