My turbo is leaking oil, on 1998 Volvo V70 XC

It doesn't leak so bad that it puts any oil on the ground has anyone had one of these repaired, or should I just let it go. 116300 miles......hoping for 200,000 it is leaking around the seal on the turbo volvo said

by in Mount Holly Springs, PA on April 03, 2009
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ANSWER by on April 04, 2009
Where is it leaking from? It's very common for the return line seals to leak, and for there to be slight seepage from around the plastic pipe that connects the MAF sensor to the turbo.
COMMENT by on April 04, 2009
Bret it is leaking around the seal.
COMMENT by on April 04, 2009
Do you know which seal? Is it the return line seal?
COMMENT by on April 04, 2009
Not sure Volvo said it was the Turbo seal. It doesn't leave any spots on the ground and I haven't had to add oil in almost 4000 miles so I guess its not that bad of a leak?
COMMENT by on April 04, 2009
Chances are it is the turbo return line seal. If the price is about $20.00 in parts and 1 hour of labor, maybe 1.5 for an XC, then that is it. I would have it done sooner than later, say at the next service. It will continue to get worse and oil will get all over the back of the engine, and I've seen some so bad they cover the underside of the car with oil. I'm curious to know what they quoted you for the job?
COMMENT by on October 13, 2010
Can anyone tell me if I need to remove the turbo to replace I believe is the oil supply line connects to bottom of turbo runs down into engine block, the seal is bad were it goes into engine block it must spray out when turbos in boost the hole under side is soaked in mobile 1. Thanks for any feedback.
ANSWER by on July 28, 2010
I had the same problem and it was the return pipe into the turbo; make sure the mechanic shows you the leak and that they fixed the problem. I had to fix the problem twice because a reputable dealership said they fixed the problem and it turned out that they did not fix the problem. The gasket cost $2.83, but the labor is the problem! Don't get ripped off because of lazy americans!!!!!!!!!!!
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