My trunk lid release button and remote button won't open the trunk. on 1998 Buick Park Avenue

Could this be the solenoid? I have checked fuses under rear seat. Is there any more anywhere else?

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Not sure but look in the glove box there may be a valet switch to disable the trunk release. If there isn't a valet switch can you hear the solenoid click in the trunk when you operate the switch? If so it's getting power, if not you will need to check the wiring and fuses.
No clicking when either button is pushed. I will check power to the switch. Thanks.
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There is an electrical connector at the electric release latch on the trunk lid. I disconnected mine because I would accedentally push the button on my keyfob and not know the trunk was open while I was sitting in the house watching TV and it was raining outside. You should get power at that connector when you push the button. It's a good first test. Good luck.