My truck will not go into gear on 1997 Land Rover Range Rover

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I drove my truck to work and when I got off I started the truck and it would not go into any gear. However, when I would move the gear shift from park to drive and then back to park, the gears would make a grinding sound.
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Sounds like something that happened to my 2010 Range Rover HSE around 95,000mi. I was driving at approx. 40 mph and without any engine light indicator, I had no ability to continue to drive at a low speed without a sound grinding noise. Was able to pull over but could not drive it. Had to get it towed. It was the transfer input and output shaft. The problem was fixed but a few months later, when changing from first to second gear, the car had a hard time and the gear fault box light came on. It happened four times over a few month period. Taking it to the shop in a few days. Still able to drive it but the mechanic who works on range rovers said it's most likely the transfer case that needs to be replaced. This car has given me nothing bit problems for the last six years. Too bad, it looks good:(