My truck was flooded(totally under water)for Approx. 2-4 hours. Won't run. on 1991 Ford Ranger

Changed fluids and top plugs and turned engine with wrench to assure no water in cylinders. Do I need to change bottom ones too? Truck cranked, but only runs for 20 seconds or so. Could not empty fuel tank(I felt it was sealed such that water didn't get in and I have no place to put 15 gallons of fuel.

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Total loss!!
Got to give it a shot.........
I understand that... But I have been there and never did do any good!!! ALL the electronics is the problem!..... Good luck to you though!!.. Hope it works out.... Maybe find one in a salvage yard for parts.... 91.... Parts should work without much trouble ..... with same running gear!
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Is the truck insured for flood damage?