My truck starts back firing and loss of power after driving a few miles on 1992 Dodge Dakota

After driving my truck a few miles it starts back firing and just about quits running. I have to put my foot to the floor to keep it going. After a few miles it will start ruining like new again. It will do this 3 to 4 times in a 25 mile drive. I had a Dodge dealer do a tune up. And after they did the tune up it started giving me trouble and it is getting worse. They put all new plugs, plug wires, new fuel filter, rotor button and distributor cap. It might have 200 miles on the tune up. Pleas Help

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Check engine light on? Possible coil, worn distributor, distributor pickup, coil resistor, crankshaft position sensor, contaminated fuel etc..... suggest scan and ignition scope test!
I don't have a check engine light on. Were should I start?
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your fuel pump needs to be replaced, This happened to my uncle's truck he had the same problem on his early dakota, changed the fuel pump and all was good...This can be comfirmed by fuel pressure test...also while your at it have the fuel filter replaced as well although on some of these the filter is built into the pump module...
Any idea on how much fuel pressure I should have? The Dodge Dealer replaced the fuel filter about 300 miles ago.