1993 GMC Yukon Q&A

1993 GMC Yukon Question: My truck runs great the first 30 minutes of me driving it then after shuts off.

Runs well when i first drive and after driving it for over 30 minutes or so when i come to a complete stop it shuts down. Also after the truck has been running for over an hour and i turn the truck off it will not start back up untill it cools off. Any ideas of what it could be ? -
Answer 1
When it will NOT start is when a mechanic needs to test for correct fuel pressure and ignition fire! -
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Even though the engine will not turn over just makes a clicking noise -
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Well if you had posted it will not CRANK instead of will not START , i may have known the engine isn't turning over! Big difference,, however at that time is when a mechanic needs to test it to see if its the starter or a circuit problem.... guessing does no good! -
Comment 3
Very true my bad, i changed the starter out on it so its not that. -