my truck misfires with and without the automatic remote starter . why ? on 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser

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my engine check light is on and i want to know could this be from the mis fireing.
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An engine misfire can be caused by engine mechanical issues, fuel issues, or ignition issues. You've got to start with the basics, check the engine is mechanically sound (good even compression, no vacuum leaks,valves are properly adjusted (yours are shim adjusted valve clearances), check the engine's ignition system is good (good spark plugs coils or plug wires where applicable) then the fuel system needs to be tested and inspected to make sure it is operating efficiently. A misfire can be caused by many things but basic diagnostic tests need to be done rather than just trying to guess what the problem is.
Its most likely to be a bad plug or plug wire but a scan tool is needed to retrieve the codes stored in the computer of your car to start properly diagnosing the problem.