my truck loosing oil on 1997 Dodge Ram Van 1500

my truck loosing oil there no sign of licking or stain on the flore

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you must be burning oil as you drive. Do you see smoke at startup? That could be leaky valve guide seals. For good oil consumption, the oil needs to be clean. Sometimes if the oil's dirty enough it gets past the rings and burns in the cylinders. Adding a quart of new oil won't help if the oil's really dirty. the other thing, if the engine's been overheated the rings could be faulty and it would burn oul in the road.
I do not see smoke at start up or no where else i am confuse
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i've heard that if the plenuim gasket is bad it will cause a internal leak under the intake, with no signs of a leak or burning oil, it can cause bad gas mileage and a spark knock,
what engine do you have? I just bought a Van with a 3.9 that loved it's oil. Found the gasket on the intake plenum sucking air. Also causes a spark knock.