My truck is using 4 quarts of oil in between oil change what can be wrong? on 2005 GMC Sierra 1500

No oil stains anywhere and no smoke when i turn it on so, what can be wrong?

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on higher mileage veh gm says 1/2 qt per 1k miles is ok,how often do you do oil changes. i would rec at least every 3k miles
I've taken it to the shop to get the oil change... but two months ago I did the oil change and Two weeks later I noticed a knocking sound so I checked the oil level and it was really low. So I added a quart and till this day its been 4 or 5 quarts that i have put in it. But to answer u ? Yes ido the oil chang 3k
i rec you have some testing done by your mech to determine problem,this is excessive.
I will do that. Thanx
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Possibly burning oil? Is there blue smoke in your exhaust?
No. No smoke and it doesn't leave any puddles on the floor... I already took it to a couple of mechanics and they only did a visual but told me the same.... that it wasn't leaking nor anything... thanks.