1996 Ford F-150 Q&A

1996 Ford F-150 Question: My truck is leaking from the front gas cap, even while it is parked.

It occurs sparingly, never know when. The truck could sit for days and all of a sudden gas is leaking. I can go in the store come out gas is leaking. But, for the first time Friday it leaked while I was driving. I eve changed gas caps. Some mechanics say they can bypass and use just 1 tank, but I'm just curious is that stopping the pressure. And, can I BLOW up with gas leaking from the truck? -
Answer 1
Nothing is good about fuel escaping from the fuel cap or anywhere else on the vehicle. Do not delay - have a diagnosis performed. I would suspect a clogged vent or something like that which is creating pressure. -
Answer 2
I had the same problem. It was caused by a bad fuel pump in the front tank. -