My truck has a extended crank when starting. on 2000 Jeep Cherokee

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The truck starts when cold or sits overnight. When the engine gets hot and it sits for 20 minutes, then it has a 6-8 second crank time, before it starts. I have replaced plugs, boots, air filter. I have also replaced the crank sensor and the entire fuel pump assembly. A fuel injection cleaning was also performed by BG. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as it has been diagnosed by a couple Master Techs and they have no answers.
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Thanks, I will check that and post my findings. I would of never thought of that. I was also thinking the ECU might be getting hot. Thanks again.
I finally solved my problem on the extended crank times. #2 injector was bleeding back and causing fuel pressure to drop, I also replaced #1 injector since it had a crack in it. 4 years later, I finally solved this mystery. Good luck to all the Jeep family out there and never give up.