2004 Mercury Mountaineer Q&A

2004 Mercury Mountaineer Question: My truck grumbles when making a left hand turn. Why?

My brake light came on Friday night. I added brake fluid Saturday. But later that day while turning I felt a grind & a grumbling noise. It only does it on left turns & slightly on the right. It does not do it while I'm driving straight or increase in speed. I drove home & haven't driven it all day in fear if causing damage. Help please! -
Answer 1
Suggestion: Have ABS system scanned, POSSIBLE wheel speed sensor wire or connection problem. More likely to act up while driving and turning the steering wheel. This can trigger ABS 'growl'. Does the brake pedal, or brakes, feel any different when this occurs? -
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Yes. When I brake I have to press down a little more. -
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Most likely Antilock Brake System problem, have it scanned. -
Answer 2
get a diag and est,poss hub beraing or brk issue -
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I had it checked out this morning and it was my hub assembly. They said my bearing was pretty much gone. My brakes and everything else was fine. Got it fixed and I'm on the road again. Thank you!! -