2004 Dodge Ram 1500 Q&A

2004 Dodge Ram 1500 Question: My truck cranks and runs fine until it warms up then it will cut off when I stop

It will crank up again but I will have to hold brake and gas to keep it running at another stop. Once it cools down it will run fine until warmed back up. What would the problem be. -
Answer 1
Check engine light on? What is your automotive skill level? What engine? How many miles on odometer? Iac,Egr,Vacuum leak,coked throttle body Cts Iat Intake tube air cleaner. Many possible things. -
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The check engine light is not coming on. My skill level is moderate. I have about 130,000 miles on it. I drove it back from New Jersey and it ran fine, air condition and all. I didnt drive it for a while, but kept it in the garage and cranked it 1 or twice a week but didnt drive it for about 8 months when I did this problem was there. -
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Check for presence of mice that could have made nest in air filter box. Chewed wires or vacuum lines. One of the most overlooked problems in my shop! Add some fuel treatment.How fresh is gas in tank now? Read my profile. -
Answer 2
I would check ignition timing. -
Answer 3
Idle air control valve stuck? When you first start up(cold) does it go to about 1100 rpms even briefly , or does it just hit 6-700 rpm's and stay there and gradually slow down when it's warming up.--coolant temp cool...injector pulse(fuel trim) is longer , when it warms up you get less fuel but same air maybe leaning it out to the point of stall. -
Answer 4
Every time I fill up; completely full, it does this & on my daughters truck also. Don't ever completely fill your tank! My daughter thought it was the fuel pump; she replaced it and filter & when she filled up the next time it did it again. -
Answer 5
had this problem. replaced egr valve and it fixed the issue of stalling out at stop signs. -
Answer 6
Check your transmission fluid level make sure it's in ranges. It's common to stall and stop signs and stop lights if the fluid is low. -