my transmission slips when cold. do i need a rebuild? on 2000 Oldsmobile Bravada

it also goes into overdrive instead of 3rd.

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Possibly...or maybe the fluid is low...and why do you say it goes into overdrive instead of third? does the engine feel like it is lugged?
if i accellerate normally, it shifts from 2nd, to 3rd for a fraction of a second, then straight into o/d. unless i step on the pedal harder will it go into 3rd. the fluid level is good. thats why i am hoping it isnt the clutch plates ot torque convertor. if i step on the pedal hard, to pass and downshift, it might go into 2nd at high rpms and stay there till i release the pedal. then it will drop right into o/d. if i hit the pedal EXACTLY right on, it will go into 3rd so i can pass, but thats rare. anotherwords, it doesnt shift correctly anyway. this is before it started slipping. i dont dare try it now.
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is your engine light on if so what are the codes it could help us to give you a god answer
yes it is on. but i am barely surviving on disability and dont have the money to pay for someone to do that. i am currently trying to find a shop or government agency to pay for any repairs so i can get to and from my doctors and hospitals and shopping.
check your tran oil if level is good but I have saved tran before by changing the filter before but does not mean it will work