My transmission is stuck in park. I hold down the brake pedal, but it's stuck on 1999 Honda Accord

The button on the side of the transmission lever just won't depress

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When you push the release button next to the shift lever , make sure your not trying to squeeze the button on the shifter handle at the same time. that can prevent it from releasing. If , when stepping on the brake pedal , you do have brake lights , but you don't hear the 'shift lock solenoid' clicking you either have a bad connection (wire or plug) , or there may be a problem with the PCM or 'gear selector switch' (range selector switch). Reply with results or other symptoms for further diagnostic tips.
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ck pwr to brake light switch and brake lights the ck pwr to lockout solenoid
You need a new ignition switch. In the short term u can put your key gently in the trans lock next 2 ur shifter. Very common problem 4 honda
The ignition switch is not the problem. The shift interlock SYSTEM is the problem. If the PCM does not see your foot on the brake(IE FAULTY BRAKE SWITCH) it will not send the signal to the shift lock soleniod to 'release'. IF I'm wrong ....reply and tell me I'm an idiot! (won't be the first time)