1999 Mercury Cougar Q&A

1999 Mercury Cougar Question: My transmission is jerking at 45 to 50 mph what is the problem?

I tried an O2 sensor, still jerks. Transmission fluid is full, I can't find the problem can anyone help me? -
Answer 1
You need a good mechanic with a good scanner at this point! If that dont help, try a professional mechanic with a professional scanner! Possible 'engine' misfire... -
Answer 2
96 cougar 4speedod all electrical try throttle b ody module, cruise control module transmission control module let me no you get fixed I got same problem I put lucas transmission conditioning in helped my chxenglight on too when it goes offshifts fine told me mine was purge canister & o2censor in cattalaticconverter can drive with cruise control buttons does better than with foot feed someone said shifter cable module censor ?I -